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Manuals for Nokia IP55 router


Manuals for Nokia IP55 router

Hi All,

If anyone else has one of these beasties, I have managed to aquire some PDF manuals for it, although not for the IP55 they are for the Webramp 600i which is exactly the same as the IP55 except for a different firmware.

If anyone wants a copy, email me and I'll send you a copy of it.


RE: Manuals for Nokia IP55 router

I used to have one until I tried to get a firmware update and this was nokia were not able to provide the support person I dealt with gave me this reply:
Hi Dean, Here's the scoop.

The IP55 Webramp has been discontinued as of August 2001 and is
no longer supported by Nokia. There is still limited support
offered through Ramp, please go to the following URL for
The scoop is that Nokia never sold the product, therefore never
supported it. When they took over Webramp a programme was in
place to replace the Webramp IP55 with IP71 for those with support
contracts. When Nokia hoped to dispose of the IP55's it looks
like somehow the serial numbers were removed and started showing
up in the UK for sale. Maybe you can get some answers from the
above URL re the firmware version. The bottom line is Nokia
never produced it, therefore did not produce firmware for it nor
supports it. Hope that answers some of the questions you have.
The recommendation from here was to return it from where you
bought it, cause you won't get any support for it.


Regards, Cynthia

So I qucikly sold mine on Ebay I suggest you do the same if you want future updates for it etc Smiley