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Manual Orders?

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Registered: 23-08-2007

Manual Orders?


Does anyone know if PlusNet still accept manual orders for Broadband?

The reason I ask is because a friend has been attempting to order broadband with another company (TalkTalk) and there seems to be some confusion about the status of their Phone Line.

The BT Checker indicates that there is no current broadband service, however SamKnows indicates that there is a service.

The situation is that there is NO current broadband service on the line at this time so this should be a new broadband order. There was a service but that was cancelled some time ago so someone is working with out of date information.

TalkTalk are asking for a MAC Code, however one cannot be given since there is no service on the line.

I suspect that TalkTalk have out of date information but the guys in India don't seem to be able to cope with this concept so they can't progress the order.

If PlusNet can arrange for BB via a Manual Order, perhaps we can get this resolved?

If Manual Order are still accepted then how do we go about arranging one?

Kind Regards