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Mac user with speed issue


Mac user with speed issue

I am currently on plusnet 512mb connection but have recently conducted plusnet speed tests and they are showing a average speed of 399.00mb with the occainsional 450mb.

I hadn't checked for about two months but felt things were becoming more slow than I was used to.
When I did this previously I consistently scored 460 - 480.

Have conducted a tracerroute to various sites and more often than not I'm in the faster pipe ( Telehouse North

So i'm stumped now, is it something that will sort it self out or as anyone got any ideas.

By the way, I use Mac OS10.3.7 with netgear Modem/Router DG834

I'm no techie, so please if you can keep your answers simple ( if possible )

Thanks for reading

Andrew Beevers
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Mac user with speed issue

It could be that contention is becoming an issue at your local exchange, and so your speeds have suffered as a result. Try entering your telephone number in the Usertools Exchange Checker, as this will tell you if BT are aware of any capacity-related problems at your exchange.

Also, it may be worth running the BT Speedtester. If you experience the same slow speeds using the BT Speedtester and the PlusNet speedtester then there is an issue on the BT part of the network because when you use the BT Speedtester you are not connected to PlusNet at all, but just to BT.

matt Wink

Mac user with speed issue

Thanks for suggestions - have done both.
Exchange seems ok and BT speedchecker is showing 458,457,and 456 Kbps for 1.7mb file.

So I suppose problem is at Plusnet end.
I'll have to raise a ticket with them

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