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Mac and ADSL


Mac and ADSL

My iMac runs OS X, and I have just set up a Solwise SAR 110 ADSL router provided by my ISP, Plusnet. The router set up seems to have gone smoothly, as all the status indicators on the Home page of the router set up indicate green. The external LEDs show ADSL and PC indicators continuously green. The settings on the computer’s TCP/IP are as advised by the ISP.

However when I open IE, the error message ‘The specified server could not be found’ shows and the page does not show in the browser. Similarly Automatic update cannot connect to the internet (‘Verify your internet settings and try again’), nor can iTunes when accessing the CD titles database.

I don’t think it is a router set up problem, more a question of getting the Mac to take up the connection. Any ideas?

Mac and ADSL

Here are some things to try.

You noted you can connect to the router fine. This means that the IP and subnet mask are setup correctly.

Try connecting to the web-site

If you see a web-page (the same page as visiting ) then your connection is fine. However, skip to thr DNS section below.

If you do not see anything, it can be a number of things. Including connection not complete (just because things are showing green, doesn't mean it's working, trust me).

1: Goto the routers config status page. It should show a WAN IP.

If not, then your connection is in sync, but not authenicated. Follow the instructions for setting up the connection again.

2: Check your computer settings. Did you set your computer to obtain a IP automaticaly, or did you set it manaualy.

Manual: You didn't specify a "Default gateway". Change the settings so the default gateway is set the IP of the router.

Automatic: Your computer is not obtainign the gateway correctly, or the router isn't sending it. Try checking the router settings, and make sure the DHCP server is set to "Use router as default gateway".

3: I havn't got any further help for this.

DNS issues.

Is your computer set to obtain the network details automaticaly, or did you set them manaualy?

Manual: Change your network settings, and specify the DNS server as &

Automatic: You need to set your routers DHCP server settings, to send out the IP addresses of the two above DNS servers.