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Mac OSX and Hermstedt Webshuttle DSL


Mac OSX and Hermstedt Webshuttle DSL

I'm just moving to OSX (10.3) and using a Hermstedt Webshuttle DSL. But I just can't get a connection. The modem is talking to the phone socket, I've installed the latest driver, and I've enetered all the settings I can find, but with no success. The main confusion is that the network settings "control panel" is so different to the old OS9 control panels.

Should I be connecting via DHCP, DHCP with manual, manual or PPPoE?

Sadly, Plus Net were less than helpful when I asked about which settings go where...

Any assistance much appreciated! Any appropriate screengrabs appreciated even more!

Failing that, does anyone know of a Mac-savvy broadband ISP?

Mac OSX and Hermstedt Webshuttle DSL


I'm not sure if you have found a solution yet. I am using OS X (10.2), but I am using a Router connected via the Ethernet port. My router can act as a DHCP server, so it allocates IP addresses and DNS addresses to my Mac.

I get the impression from Hermstedt's web page that their Webshuttle DSL doesn't provide DHCP services, so in that case you can't select either automatic DHCP or DHCP with manual IP addresses. I think also that PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) is used mainly in the United States.

I think that in the Network system preferences, you should be able to select PPPoA (Point to Point Protocol over ATM) in the Webshuttle's configuration pane. I can't confirm this since my iMac only has the default 'Built-in Ethernet' and 'Internal Modem' configuration panes. Try selecting the Hermstedt's preference pane from the 'Show' drop-down menu of 'Network' (apologies if you have already done this). If you can't see any, try altering the list visible in 'Network Port Configurations' (bottom of the 'Show' drop down menu).

Finally if none of this works, you could try calling Hermstedt at the support number shown on their web-site: 0207 421 1500 (

Good luck


Mac OSX and Hermstedt Webshuttle DSL

Many thanks for the reply. I found a solution a couple of days ago, and have been trying it out successfully. The secret is to first click the PPPoE tab in Network, select "Connect using PPPoE" and enter username and password details. The TCP/IP tab then allows connection via PPP and after entering the DNS server addresses the IP address and Router are allocated automatically. It took some time to get to this point, but it's worked perfectly since.