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MTU and Rwin on mac question

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MTU and Rwin on mac question

I've used IPNetTuner to change my MTU value to 1458 and seen my down speeds change from <100kb/s to a consistant 471kb/s (see my last post from a few days ago for the full rant!). Which is good. The problem is that the MTU value changes back to the default 1500 after a restart. how can I set this MTU value to stay at 1458 permenantly. IPNetTuner has some suggestion of putting a saved settings file in the start-up items folder but that seems a bit of a fudge to me - is there a better way?

I'm running OS 9.2

Also... I'm not sure how to change the Rwin value. I'm thinking IPNetTuner must have a different name for this (or I've just missed it!) Is it necessary anyway?

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RE: MTU and Rwin on mac question

This might help you.

Scroll down to topic 7 which is called Networking. There is a link at the bottom of that topic for a startup script that you have to add to your computer.