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MSN Connection


MSN Connection

Hi there

Further to my previous thread

Still having problems - If dial up is used MSN messenger logs in without a hitch.

As soon as we have the DSL connection - It doesn't.

Someone said to me about open certain ports. I've got a list of the Ports - but could someone perhaps give me a hint to achieve this. It's a PN supplied Binatone modem with Windows 98/SE as the O/S?

Any suggestions would be great.

Obviously done the usual thing.. uninstalled/reinstalled MSN 6.1, stopped the firewall etc.

Thanks all

MSN Connection

You only open ports on a router with a firewall.
USB modems have no such thing, hence the need for a software firewall.
No ports that will be used by MSN are blocked by plusnet.

Try registering again with MSN6.1 under a different user, the difference may be down to the IP address being static on DSL and dynamic on dial.