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MS Updates problem


MS Updates problem

I have 3 computers all connected in a LAN using a Belkin F5D5130-5 switch, and a Fujitsu FDX-310 USB modem connected to one of them and use ICS for the others. My Host is a PIII 600 , 384 Mb ram, running W2KPro. The others are similar except that one runs XP Pro. I run Zonealarm and McAfee as firewall and virus checker on all machines.

My problem is that I'm now unable to 'Windows Update' or update the DATs for McAfee on the two clients, unless I physically transfer the modem to them. I used to be able to update, but think that maybe I've updated one too many security updates from MS. Also I can't access some web sites i.e. Ebay, from these other machines.

I can FTP or Telnet from these other machines, and also turning off all firewalls and VP progs makes no difference as far as Updates are concerened.

I know of the one security patch that slowed shutdown of W2K, and have uninstalled it. So does any one know of a security patch that battens down the hatches too tightly to allow updates to clients using ICS. As it's a bit of a pain having to install / uninstall the modem on the other machines every time I want to update.


MS Updates problem

I had this exact problem! but it was a really weird thing that caused it and it was definitly the cause.

it was to do with the MTU settings, i have a PC and a router and did as plusnet sugested and set both MTU's to 1458 on the router AND on the pc with that little util thats on this site... all was fine then BUt...

when i reinstalled windows again, i forgot to setup the MTU to 1458 so the PC was on 1500 (default) and the router was on 1458. when like this, windows update refused to work as did several other sites. Very strange, but setting them both to the same MTU fixed this for me and i could recreate it to prove it.

Give it a go

hope that helps

MS Updates problem

Thanks for the tip. I have now cured the problem. I set the MTUs for the devices on the host computer, but didn't do it for the clients. Rectifying this situation has now restored the ability to update on all computers.