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MAX DSL question...


MAX DSL question...

I'm a little bit confused by some of this MAX DSL stuff. I'm aware that over the first ten days the line speed will fluctuate untill it finds a stable level, which is then set at the exchange end. My question is this: How permanent is that setting and if I moved my modem closer to the master socket in six months, could the speed setting at the exchange reset to a slightly higher one?


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MAX DSL question...

Sorry if I got your hopes up with this reply but I've raised the same issue elsewhere on the forum and so far little interest and no response.

I'm surprised, or perhaps not, that many people are quite agitated by what is or is not happening in the first few days of the trial period but seem disinterested in the longer term issues.

I've read a suggestion elsewhere that an ISP can request a 're-trial' if the potential increase in speed is significant but its all a bit vague.

It does however imply that the 'speed' you achieve at the end of the trial period will limit your maximum future speed unless you have a further trial period.

At the risk of being cynical I suspect that PlusNet are reluctant to say too much for fear of opening the floodgates.
But then again they could always charge a Premium Rate number for the request and then charge for the re-trial.

I've raised a ticket so hopefully will get some sort of response.

If I can find your post again I'll keep you advised.

MAX DSL question...

Check out this thread for full(ish) details.
Q - Is there anything you can do "after the 3 days" to increase your download speed ?

A – If the ten days have passed and you are still not seeing any increase in download speed, then you should try rebooting your equipment periodically over a 3 day period. In the event that you are still seeing no difference in speed then you should contact support so we can investigate further..

Hopefully this answer your question?
Also check out the sticky's in the community support forum for more Q&A's.
There are also quite a few threads in there which may be relevant for further reading.