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Lots of questions!!


Lots of questions!!

Sorry, in advance, about this - but I am a general thickie as far as networking and broadband goes.

I'm currently a dial-up customer, but I've been tempted to go over to adsl (particularly as I use the internet practically all the time, as I'm a (mature) student) - but I've been hanging on, because I'd like to network my PC-son'sPC-laptop, so that we can all use the internet at the same time. SO, the new wireless hardware offered by PlusNet seems ideal. But questions:

(1) Is the 'desktop kit' the one I need (for 2 PCs + 1 laptop?)

(2) It says I need wireless adaptors for each PC. And the laptop? Where do I get these adaptors, what do I ask forHuh?? I actually bought a WaveBuddy PCMCIA card, which I took (together with laptop!) to the USA with me, last year - but couldn't get it to work. So I'm not filled with much confidence here.
So, would the PCMCIA card be what I need for the laptop - and what for the PCs? (And where do they go? 2 x pretty old PCs here - with not much in the way of available sockets).

(3) Speed. Would 512 be adequate? I don't think we'd be doing much downloading.

(4) Premier. This is what I'd choose. Are there bandwidth restrictions? I couldn't find any.

(5) We have 3 telephones. Does all the equipment needed come with the kit, or is there something else I might need to adapt these?

Thanking you!


Lots of questions!!


Sorry, No Idea, However I would recomend you looking into getting the kit your self, as then you know which bits you will get and you can get better stuff, eg linksys or buffalo.


You will need wireless cards for all three, I personaly recomend Buffalo or Linksys as manufactures for this kit, for your PCs, they will plug into any free PCI slot you have left on your motherboard, or you can get external USB ones (I think), For your laptop, you will indeed need a PCMCIA card *now called a PC-Card*, once again buffalo or linksys. Try to keep all the kit the same manufacturer to give the best chance of it working.


512 will give you a real-world speed of 64kbs if you are lucky, you will probably average about 30 - 40, This is usualy ok, and is about 3meg in 75seconds (the size of an average MP3)


There are "no" caps on premier however there is a fair use pollicy, in otherwords PlusNet will get pissed if you download 24/7 at your max speed all month, but other than that it should be fine


You will need a filter per extension, and I think you will only be given two, so just hop into your local hardware store and pick one up. They are usualy called ADSL phone filters.