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Lost connection


Lost connection


I lost BB connection last night, unable to login to plusnet dsl.

I will attempt to disconnect Binatone 500 modem from phone line, and also try to log into BT test accounts as per previous topics

I am in the process of switching from BT to HomePhone (Post office)
and starting to worry this is a side affect.


Re: lost connection

Well there are authentication problems since last night. I also have no connection. This seems to happen more and more and I am getting fed up. Seriously considering migrating to IDNet who get very good reports on ADSL Guide website. But can't get throught to anyone at PlusNet for a migration code -- surprise! :lol:
30 minute wait on phone techn support today, once you get answered at all.....
Had enough.

Lost connection

Mine is now working. Took nearly 4 days but can see a lot of others are taking longer. I nearly went to UKonline. Doesn't seem any faster than before but at least it's working. Fingers crossed it will continue.