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Lost Connection


Lost Connection


First time on here after my connection went down on Friday. I've had perfect connection for around a year but after an 'upgrade' which i never thoight anything of but it seems to have broken my line. My router is saying that the line is faulty.

Contacted BT and they said my line is fine. Eventually found the line test on Plusnet and they got back to me today with this.

Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ Completed ]

The Connection checks have now completed

Test result summary: Fail

We have completed testing of your broadband service. The results indicate that the fault may be caused by a problem with our systems. More information may be available on our Service Status page.Please check Service Status.If there is no service-wide problem reported on Service Status, we will provide an update when we have more information.

Has anyone else had this response? Wondered if its a standard reply.

Lost Connection

Well, I also lost my connection on Friday night, and get the same message from - but I have had that message before, only for them then to turn around and tell me there was no fault, and they could escalate it to BT but that would cost me more than £40 if BT found no errors.

I had 18 months of rock solid connectiion. This is my third "incident" in two months since I was "upgraded". It started with three weeks of random disconnections in the late evening. About a fortnight ago i had 48 hours without connection, and I am again without connection since friday night.

I have also had increased latency since being upgraded, and when I have service restored I have never been told if anything has been done, or if it just started working by magic. The lack of information is the worst thing...

Or maybe the fact that I now have to *pay* a per minute charge for a worse internet connection.


Just got this reply

Certainly your connection should be working after the LLU migration has taken place on the 26/07/06. It is unlikely that you will have any problems after this time.

So I have no connection for 5 days.


Yes, I got exactly the same reply. I got connected Friday just, and had a terrible start with PN. I think they were having problems with some upgrades, but yesterday and today have been fine so far. I think it is impossible to actually speak to any one in support, but the online response to my problem seems efficient. I am very worried about what I have experienced so far, and hope things improve.