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Losing sync when playing Battlefield Vietnamn Online


Losing sync when playing Battlefield Vietnamn Online

I've recently got back into playing games online, it seems my adsl often loses sync when im playing BFV online Sad Anyone have any idea why this could be happening it is very annoying. It doesnt happen often if im downloading at full (or uploading). Although i do lose sync occasionally it isnt a major problem. Sad
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Losing sync when playing Battlefield Vietnamn Online

What ADSL modem are you using?

What is your PC spec (CPU type/speed, amount of ram, number of disks, what graphics card are you using etc) and what Wattage PSU do you have in the PC.

If it's a USB modem it could be losing power on the USB port. This is a very common problems with some motherboards where the modem draws too much current and the mobo shuts down the USB port to protect it.

Sometime an inadequate PSU can cause power fluctuations if it is near it's limits. Sometimes when playing games your graphics card draws more power as does the processor and other componants which may be putting a strain on the PSU so the voltages decrease and lockups/errors occur. Sometimes a higher wattage PSU can solve this problem and improve overall stability, or try using an external powered USB 2 hub to connect the modem to. Sometimes buying a PCI USB card and plugging the modem it to that can help.

Other non-PC related issues are the correct use of wiring and filters/splitters. i.e. all phones, sky boxes, faxes, 56k modems must be connected through a ADSL filter/splitter as should the ADSL modem itself. See ADSL: Wiring and Filters. Also check out ADSL: Trouble Shooting and the similar named help page on the customer support pages.


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Losing sync when playing Battlefield Vietnamn Online

Motherboard: Asus a7v8-x
CPU: 2500XP
Ram: 1 x 512mb ddr
HD: 2 x 7200 80gb
PSU: 350w
OS: XP Pro
GFX Card: geforce4 ti4200

I'm still using the plusnet supplied binatone modem but will be getting a router soon. It is disabled in the device manager to allow the computer to turn that device off to save power if it'll make any difference. I never experience any other problems while playing games.

Just found a a spare PCI USB card so will try installing that and see if it makes any difference.

Cheers Smiley

Losing sync when playing Battlefield Vietnamn Online

It could be that when playing a stressful game, such as Vietnam, your computer is shutting of the modem to save power (as the graphics card, etc. are all drawing so much power). You might want to try disabling the power management feature.

I think that if this is the problem, then the PCI modem will probably have the same issues (as it is still receiving the power from the PSU/Motherboard, rather than directly from a power outlet). If the problem is power, then a router or externally powered modem or USB hub would be the way to go, as these are all powered by the mains.

It would be handy if you could borrow someone elses router or powered USB hub, just to see if this solves the issue. Saves having to buy something when it may infact not fix the problem Smiley