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Losing broadband connection.


Losing broadband connection.

I seem to have developed a problem.

i have a 512kb broadband line but every time the phone rings & is answered, i lose my internet connection. This was never a problem before, i have a microfilter in each extension socket & have never had this problem until today. I have been on broadband for approx 12 months.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Losing broadband connection.

Microfilters do break as can any other electronic device. They rarely do, but reagrdless.

Unplug your phones one at a time, and either phone yourself, or wait for calls. You may find it stops happeningt, but do not be fooled into thinking you have found the answer.

Keep using different patters until you are confident you have found the broken filter.

Losing broadband connection.

i had the problem of a crackling noise on da fone when i first go adsl. But cant remember what i did 2 get rid of it
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Losing broadband connection.

There have been a couple of threads in the past about this problem which contain lots of advice and siuggestions. I suggest you look at them rather than people repeating the same thing again in here.

Here is one I found with a search, there may be others but this should cover most of what I remember about this issue:

Getting Disconcected when the telephone goes!