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Losing a long term customer


Losing a long term customer

I have been with PlusNet for quite a number of years (a couple more on top of what my profile here actually shows, it is closer to seven years).

I have finally put in my notice to cancel my PlusNet account as I am moving house and it is an idea time to choose a provider who provides more for my money. I my time here the service level seems to have gone from hero level to zero level.

However, since my cease request has been accepted I have not been able to access the 'net at all. Every time I get diverted back to PlusNet saying that I have gone over the limit for my broadband lite service (news to me as I was and still am on PAYG!).

Nearly 24 hours since I put a ticket in (22123564) I still haven't had a response. I have noticed that there have been times when support has had no calls to deal with and the average time for answering tickets is just over 7 hours. So how come I am still waiting? :x

Losing a long term customer

I was too was a customer of for over a year and a half and had good service up until about Feb of this year.

I have had nothing but trouble with speed since February. It was up and down. I was a Broadband Premier customer and I always kept big downloads to off-peak hours.

When it was running slow (16kbps-50bkps), I did ping-pong with PN support, unplugging all equipment, master socket, different modem, speed tests etc. Nothing worked and it would magically speed up!

The last few weeks were the last straw. It was so slow that I couldn't use it! There was obviously a connection, I could ping sites but when I tried browsing, you would see "connecting to..." and nothing would happen! PN said it was fine their side and I should try some speed tests. DOH! I couldn't run the tests. They suggested they get BT to check which would cost me 140+ VAT if BT couldn't find a fault! I wasn't willing to take the risk and switched to another ISP.

Shortly before my go live date, it speeded up again and I've switched ISPS and had no problems whatsoever.

You all make your own conclusions there! Bandwidth Throttling anyone?

Losing a long term customer

As I write this there are no business calls or residential calls waiting on their system. What exactly are support doing then, if they aren't looking at a ticket over a day old...

I have referred numerous people to PlusNet over the years. I'm sure when they hear about this they may well reconsider - especially as most of them are currently unhappy with the service.

And they wonder why I want to leave them...

Losing a long term customer

More than two days without a connection now.

The page I am diverted to claims I have exceeded my limits. Odd that, seen as my new monthly limit started on the 13th of the month (yesterday) so I should have a new bandwidth allocation which I haven't been able to exceed seen as I haven't been able to access the net since the 12th...

Come on PlusNet. Get it sorted, it is clearly a fault at your end.

Losing a long term customer

They'll deny its their fault. I recommend you run the speed test, run off master socket etc. etc. Wink

Losing a long term customer

They are saying I've used all my bandwidth. Strange as I haven't been able to use since the 12th and my new billing period (including bandwidth) started on the 13th...

I live near Sheffield and I will go to their offices and make a serious complaint in person if this is not cleared up immediately.

Waiting over 24 hours for each ticket to be returned to me is clearly unacceptable. As a "valued customer" as they put in their email to me who has been with them for a long time then it should be a priority - as should any ticket from customers who are not receiving service they have paid for.
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Losing a long term customer

Hi there,

If you disconnect and reconnect you should be able to browse as normal.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.