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Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!


Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!

Ok a bit of background first. I first got ADSL in June 2002 with Pipex and have never had a problem with it in any way untilthe end of October this year when I started to get random disconnects that were infrequent to begin with but day by day started to get worse. After ringing Pipex and being wholey unimpressed with their customer service and also attracted by Plusnets generous webpsace I decided to migrate.

I have been enabled with Plusnet since the 15th of this month. I thought this would cure the disconnects but it didn't. They got worse. So I tried the following.

Changed modem drivers.
Changed modem.
Changed phone lead from modem.
Changed filters.
Changed phone lead to junction box.
Removed all other phones and run my PC direct into the junction box.
Tried MTU and RWIN settings
Tried G.dmt and ANSI
Tried firewalls on and firewalls off.
Cleaned points on the junction box and checked wires.
Called BT and had line gain increased.

Basically I've tried everything and nothing works. The loss of sync is just as bad as it ever was and is getting worse. Literally every 5 minutes at times and at least 20-30 times a day.

I currently have a Trust 215A PCI ADSL modem with a conexant chipset. My noise margins are

UP 31.0dB DOWN 30.4dB

UP 29.0dB DOWN 44.9dB

As far as I am aware all within acceptable limits. I'm not actually getting dropped from Plusnet it's simply the sync that is being lost and when it is dropped usually comes back within a few seconds without me having to log back in to Plusnet.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this? Is it an exchange problem? It cannot be Plusnet as it happened when I was with Pipex and I've tried everything I can think of at home to fix it. Would BT or Plusnet charge me to investigate this? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated as this is driving me crazy. :?

Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!

You are most definatly within the limits.

However, are you sure you are losing sync, and not just the connection?

Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!

I have the Access Runner software that comes with a lot of Conexant based modems and there is a status icon in the system tray. When I first start my PC this goes from ADSL disconnected to training, to channel analysis to ADSL connected. I then "dial" in and login to plusnet.

I have sat and watched this system tray tool and when I lose my connection it goes to ADSL disconnected and then usually within a few seconds it goes back to training, channel analysis and then back to ADSL connected. After this has happened I do not have to "dial" back into Plusnet or login. The "TV" icon that shows me connected to Plusnet remains in the system tray all the time.

I have been disconnected twice in the short time it has taken to write this reply that's how bad it is. It seems to have gotten worse as the weather has gotten colder as it's snowing here in Sheffield. I am on the Intake exchange in and I have done the exchange checker on the tools page and I can see that recently there has been problems at the exchange and I can remember reading somewhere that work had been carried out on it in recent weeks. I'm almost convinced now it's something at BT's end but I'm afraid I will get blanked as you do by most large companies nowadays and told it's not their fault and then subsequently get billed for their "efforts".

Frustrating Disconnects


I am not sure if the problem I am experiencing is anything related.

A few months ago I upgraded from 512 to 2mb. Since the upgrade I started to to get frequent disconects. I usually work from home over VPN 1 day a week and have done this over my 512 connection without any problems for many months. I first experienced the disconnects when my VPN connection was kicking me out every few minutes. I have spent many hours now searching for the route of the problem. I am using a Netgear DS834G wireless modem router and to try and to make things simple to diagnose the problem I ignored my laptop and wireless connection and monitored the connection from my home PC.

The home PC was also experiencing disconnects not only from the internet but prior to reporting lost internet connection was warning me of a lost connection to the network. I contacted Plusnet support and they suggested I strip away any other telephone connections and run the router of the master socket. This was easier said than done as the main socket is upstairs and the PC downstairs. I did as suggested as the support engineer rtold me that they had experienced people losing connection due to their neighborghs HiFi! Over a period of weeks I noticed a pattern. The connection was dropping when the central heating came on at 2am. Then I noticed my children turned on the TV 9 times out of 10 the connection dropped. I then noticed that when this happened the lights on the modem go out and it reboots and reconnects to the internet.

I tried pulling the telephone cable out of the modem and this simply reported I was disconnected from the internet and not the network. I had not realised that the warning bubble reporting I was disconnected from the network and then warning I was disconnected from the internet was a symptom of the router going down. I could now simulate the same problem by turning off/on the power at the wall socket to the router transformer. Then finally the penny dropped that the problem was not with the telephone line but a fault in my electrical power in the house. I borrowed a friends power pack and this did not solve the problem and in the end out of desperation I bought a UPS. It arrived yesterday, I charged it over night and tried it today. I could turn the power off at the wall socket with no interuption to the service the router continued to work Smiley Then I turned the TV on/off and lost connection Sad . I have now found I can also cause the router to reset by turning on lights in the dining room! with the router running off the UPS!

My final test has been to remove the telephone cable from the router but leaving the network cable connected so I can monitor the LAN uptime. When the telephone is not plugged into the router I get the LAN connection to stay up with no problems. As soon as I connect the telephone cable I can reboot the modem repeatedly by switching on/off the TV.

I don't know who to contact next. It sounds like a BT line problem but I can not understand what is causing the problem. ANy suggestions or has anyone else experienced this? It would be good to know I am not going mad!!



Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!

I get frequent disconnects too. I'm fairly sure it is weather related as during the "hot" weather my connection is fairly stable.


Hi, neighbour! I'm in Halfway! I've been in Intake exchange many times! But not any more.

The loss of sync could be a number of things. Radio interference springs to mind, BT would fit a RF3 radio filter at the master socket if this was suspected.

And of course, an exchange fault. You would have to convince PlusNet to raise a fault with BT. BT will pass it back and forth for a while, then you insist on an engineer presenting him/herself to your door. THEN you might get a result.

PS. Please don't PM me (as others do), I can only help in the forum.

Good luck.

Losing Sync Every 5 Minutes. Help!

Thanks for the help everybody. BT engineer came and sorted it. Turned out it was something with the master socket.