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Long term failing connection

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Long term failing connection

My connection has been failing for some months now , is fine for the odd day
or so. B.T have visited and said there was a fault on the line,after that
it was fine for a week or so, but now it is as bad as ever Plusnet
occasionally add to my fault history but nothing seems to get done I have
raised fault ID 19477658 from 25May until 7Aug and 20052179 from 12 Aug to
date. It will be expensive for me to move . I don't think I am getting the
service I should expect. Plusnet are very good at taking my direct debit..I
do wonder whether if legally they are providing me with any service at all
My modem loses sync,but often when it is O.K , it comes up with invalid user
name or password, what should I do next E

Long term failing connection

i've started getting up and down problems with speed recently.
its been all over from 45kbps up to 1500kbps - avg. ~180kbps.
not good enough for PAYG service.

have logged request and been through the long winded line check service to be told "its all ok".

well it isnt and i havent heard anything from Plusnet in 3 days now. still time i know, but after all their apology notes or recent!!!

i wouldnt mind, but it has been fine until the last month.