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Loads: ATM CRC Errors!


Loads: ATM CRC Errors!


I have been having loads of ATM CRC errors over the past few months,
we're talking 1,000's in 24hrs of activly using the connection.

I have had a good look around and this should NOT be expected from
a normal phone line, a *few* can be expected now and again but not the
amount i have and still get. Sad i believe this maybe having a performance
hit on my service to PlusNET !

I have gone through all the step of unplugging extention lines, phone, micro
filters etc. and pluggin my router directly into the master socket. and no change
was detected. (currently going though this with PN Support, in circles at the moment) Sad . I have also done an automated line check but that return no known errors. Something is up somewhere Evil

// ADSL Router returned details are all good.

Please anyone help further :?: :?: :?: Cry

Loads: ATM CRC Errors!

Not quite as bad as my connection is this evening Evil

so far it's dropped the line at least 5 times in the last few hours and has currently notched up over 1600 CRC errors in the last 10 minutes alone :shock:

i shall complain if it doesn't fix itself tomorrow Sad

Loads: ATM CRC Errors!

If you can proove it is not your extentions cables, phones, filters and/or the modem itself, then you should contact PlusNet to get a BT engineer onto it.

CRC errors mean data is corrupting between the exchange and your computer.