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Linksys Wireless dsl router


Linksys Wireless dsl router

Is there anybody out there that has been able to connect using one of these routers. I am havng a terrible time with it as I cannot set it to use PPPoA. the current setting is static and it is PPPoE.
Any advise or possible assistance would be most apreciated.


Connection with a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Broadband router

I have connected with a wireless broadband router model WRT54G routing to a D-Link DSL-300G+ ADSL modem.

I had to set the router and modem up manually, as the modem was recording the MAC address of my computer to save its settings. Here is how I setup the modem. I am also using a static IP address.

The router should be set manually to "Automatic configuration - DHCP" (Default Setting).

From here access your modem through the router, and set up the connection to plus net and save the settings. On my modem the settings were saved under the mac address of the router.

You can then release the DHCP and the Renew it.

Everything then jumped into action.

Hope this helps

Anthony (Cabron)

Linksys Wireless dsl router

The only Linksys router suitable for PPPoA is the BEFDSR41W which has an option for wireless via an PCMCIA card not 54G though.

You could try taking it back and exchanging it if you were misled that it included a modem.