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Linksys WAG54G settings - help needed

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Linksys WAG54G settings - help needed

Can someone help as I'm pulling out what little hair I have left...

After getting a shiny new laptop just before Christmas I decided to splash out and replace my old AMX CA64E router with a Linksys WAG54G mainly so that I could surf using the wireless connection whilst my better half used my base station.

The setup worked fine until just about a month ago when I suddenly lost my DSL connection. It was fine on the Friday night but Saturday morning all I could get was a flashing DSL light. I kept retrying through the day but to no avail. I replaced the WAG54G with the old AMX but had the same result - no DSL connection. I raised a ticket with the PN support centre and to cut a long story short after two weeks, no end of phone calls, two routers, 4 splitters and 5 different cables a BT engineer was dispached to check my connection. He connected his modem and had a DSL connection in less than 30 seconds. The engineer checked my cables and splitters with his modem and all worked fine. We both surmised that I was the proud owner of two duff routers. He left and I nipped out and bought a Zoom 5510A USB modem. I eagerly plugged it in - put in the relatively few connection settings rebooted and voila... a flashing DSL light and no connection. After much grumbling and swearing I started fiddling with the settings and after changing the modulation from GDMT to T1.413 I finally managed to get a steady green DSL light. I changed this setting on both the Zoom Modem and the AMX CA64E and can now access my ADSL connection but not using my wireless connection as I wanted.

The problem I have is that I cannot find any setting like this on the WAG54G and no matter how I configure it all I get is a flashing DSL light. Does anybody know what I need to do to change the modulation or am I left with a nice looking but expensive piece of junk?

Linksys WAG54G settings - help needed

Goto the router status page on the Linksys routers web admin panel, and see if it's connecting. If it's not connecting then force it to connect, if it does connect. Then it's the same problem i have. Sometimes it will synch with the exchange and connect and other times i have to connect manually.
I've gone back to my Netgear DG834, which works better.
I have noticed something about GDMT on the linksys router. But i can't remember where it is exactly, i think it was at the bottom on each of the pages i guess, unless someone knows where it is.

The wireless connection and the dsl connection drops quite a bit with my WAG54G, but i have heard of people putting using fans to cool it down, which helps keep it stable.
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Linksys WAG54G settings - help needed

While your on the setup page make sure the "Keep Alive" radio button
is checked and keep the default of 30

Have you updated to the latest firmware ? it can be found Here

make sure you dont already have that version already before upgrading, your version is on the setup screens in the right hand corner

Linksys WAG54G settings - help needed

Encapsulation: RFC2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing: VC
Qos Type: UBR
Pcr Rate: 0
Scr Rate: 0
Autodetect: disable
Virtual Circuit: 0,38
they are the settins i use with my wag and it works fine