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Linksys WAG54G Router query

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Linksys WAG54G Router query

This works fine on cable connected Desktop but on company laptop that's connected either via ethernet cable port or wireless card, I have annoying problem.
I can receive e mails & attachments on laptop fine via webmail or the company installed/insisted on Lotus Notes e mail.
I can send e mails in both formats too; BUT
I cannot send an e mail /webmail with an attachment via laptop {IBM Thinkpad G40}? :?:

In Lotus Notes it tries to attach, then gives up and says "Server not responding"; in webmail I see the progress bar, as attachment uploaded but then it fails and I get failure screen.
Any ideas/clues valued; assume it is router controlled problem though as I say my own desktop doesnt have symptoms; possibly some conflict in laptop firewall/security setting. Cry
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Linksys WAG54G Router query

I have noticed lots of references to Linksys having timeout's whilst using wireles and would suggest getting the latest firmware from there site.

Also what level of security have you got on your Gateway?

I found that MAC Filtering is perfectly adequate for home networks all the security is overkill as well as a main contributor to lag

I hope the advice helps


Chris Wilmot