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Line speed borderline/issues?


Line speed borderline/issues?


I'm getting a little frustrated at the moment as I may or may not be able to get 2mb on my line depending on who (or what) I speak to.

My router gives the following readings for the line :-

Current attentuation - 41.0 dB (far 23.0db)
Current SNR Margin - 32.5 dB (far 30.0db)

I think I am close to the limit to 2mb adsl for attentuation, but the snr level looks very good.

However, if I check BT's line checker app, it says maybe 1mb (engineer visit may be required), 2mb NO. ?

I raised a ticket with plus net, asking for a whoosh test to confirm, and was told the figures from my router look ok and whoosh test was not needed, and they put a regrade order in for me.

That apparantly occured this morning, but was rejected because "the line quality was unable to support the faster speed".

Now when I checked the router, its been up for 96 hours with no loss of signal. Surely if they tested/tried a regrade it would have taken down the link at least for a short while?

I had an isdn line installed a few years ago which required a new line to be installed from the exchange. I took over this line when I switched to ADSL. Could this explain why my figures look a lot better than expected? If so, is there anything I can do to get the line tested on a individual basis rather than through BT's checker program (if it hasn't been already?).

Just a little confused and frustrated and would just like to know which is the correct answer.

Also considering downgrading my account as I'm currently paying a fair whack for a business class 20:1 contention service - which probably isn't worth it if I can only get 1mb max. They even sent me an email recently saying I would be upgraded free to "upto 4MB" when available.... hmmm...

Any comments/opinions/insights anybody?


- Ian.

Line speed borderline/issues?

Hi there,

Unfortunately this happens all too often with BT.

BT, on receipt of an order, will check their database to see what they think your line will support. This database has proven to be wrong on many occasions.

If the woosh is backing up what your router states, I would ask Plus Net to push this with BT to see if they will overturn this decision.

If that fails, post back. There may be another route.

Good luck.

Line speed borderline/issues?

I raised a ticket with PN detailing the 2 tickets raised about this issue (the initial query, and the upgrade order) and the subsequent rejection, and asked if a whoosh test could be done as originally requested.

Their reply was along the line of "even though your router is showing within spec does not mean you line will support 2mb. BT cancelled the regrade as the line quality was not adequate for the 2mb service".

They have not tried a whoosh test as I requested (even if just to see what the results are), and neither have they explained why there was no interruption to my adsl connection during the upgrade attempt.

So still no clearer - I thought in most "borderline" cases the signal to noise ratio was the important factor and mine seems very good? Just got to try and get a woosh test done I think. Unless there is another means to test/get regraded?

Line speed borderline/issues?

PN have actually done a woosh/noise test for me now and supplied me with the results :-

Test Outcome pass
Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
NTE In Service
NTE Power On
Bypass Not Activated
MUX In Service

Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 23 dB
Margin 31 dB
Errored Seconds 0
HEC Errors 0
Cell Count 90
Speed 288 k

Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 41 dB
Margin 32 dB
Errored Seconds 0
HEC Errors 0
Cell Count 125
Speed 1152 k

.....which seem to match the details my router is supplying, which would indicate that a 2MB service is possible?

Any ideas how to get this escalated so they can at least TRY and set it to 2mb and see how it goes (and I don't think they did last time as there was no interruption to service/connection)?

Line speed borderline/issues?

Well the 2nd attempt at a regrade has also been rejected/failed. Explanation from PN is...

Unfortunatly after checking your line length and quality with BT Wholesale. We are currently unable to regrade your line speed as your ADSL service is currently at the maximum speed your line has the ability to support.

Until such time that BT make changes the current ADSL line limits your service will remain at its current speed. Thank you.

...which does sound a bit like a standard response? Has anybody else who has line stats that look as if they should take 2mb had their line set to 1mb max?

Trying to determine whether I should get this investigated further or not....