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Line problems


Line problems

Hi all

A few days ago the phone line stopped working annoying half the household. However even so there was no dialing tone, the internet worked fine.

However today, the Internet stopped working! No dial tone, but sometimes a noisy dial tone comes through at random.

So, fed up and needing the internet (i'm hard of hearing and the internet is my main communcation with everyone) I went outside to have a look where the line comes into the house. But suprised to see the cover not put on very well so unscrewed it and had a look at the wire.

It was wet, sticky and dirty. Even a spider lives in there. But gave it a quick wipe dry, blew out some of the junk, went in and the router already connected!

The dial tone is all crackly, but the internet works perfect! We already contacted BT at first, which they thought the line was fine, (haven't told them what I discovered tho)

Occuring to my parents, the cover have always been like that after the BT enginner connected the line in the first place (when we brought the house brand new a year ago).

So basically it looks like the fault is with the wires outside isn't it? If BT confirms the line is fine, then it must be the wires then.

Anyone got any other ideas what it could be?
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Line problems

I would tell BT it looks like it has been badly installed and you need an engineer to check it out. Explain your telephone and broadband problems. (Keep quiet about having a look yourself !!!!!). When the engineer comes out he can test and configure the line quality.

Hope that helps you.
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Line problems

May be completely unrelated, but check your filters. Im my case had a filter which developped a fault such that we had not dial tone on any phone in the house, yet broadband worked fine.