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Line attenuation very high?


Line attenuation very high?

I'm on a 2mb connection

SNR 19.2 (down) 30 (up)
Line 63.4 (down) 23 (up)

Using Plusnet speedtest I'm getting 1870kbps - wchich seems ok to me

I get the same results even if I remove my phone./.Sky box and with my ADSL modem (ETEC PT3810) connected via a BT filter directly into my master phone socket.

My modem is about 3 year old and I'm waiting for a Netgear one, could my modem be the problem, or is this a tel line problem?



Line attenuation very high?

There is no problem with what you are seeing.

Your speeds are good (what does the ADSL guide one report), which is always the tester.

Whilst the attuation is high, this may well be related to the modem in use. it's my understanding that many modems do not report any higher than the figure quoted. There is a attuation limit listed in the ITU manuals for ADSL, but they can easily break those barriers, it's just a case that some makers decided they wouldn't report it.

The SNR is the more important figure qith regards to how stable your connection will be. It's a rule of thumb that if your attuation is at XdB, then normaly the SNR would not be sufficient to handle Y speed.

SNR is hwoever unpredictable, whereas Attuation is. Further to this, Attuation can be guessed based on line length.

This is the reason BT use Attuation as there inital guestimate of speed. You can a very high queslity but long line, or a very poor quality short line. Only real world tests can state this, hence the guestimate.

In conclusion here though, I would say that your modem can't report attuation correctly. Your SNR however shows that it can handle 2Mb stabaly. However, I would trust the SNR as far as I could throw it if it can't report Attuation correctly.