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Line activation by BT


Line activation by BT

Hi, I signed up to +net nearly 3 weeks ago, it took a week for them to tell BT to enable my line and I'm still waiting. People keep saying you can check on the BT site to see if the status of your activation as the +net site just still tells me its in BTs hands. I am signed up to all the bill viewing with BT but I can't find anywhere to check how far along they are with my activation. Can anybody help?

Cheers, Lee.

Line activation by BT

This is quite simple, and you don't need to sign-up with to see any of this.


Click on "Small and Medium Business" (regardless if you are a home user, you will see why)

In the last box (box 6) there is a link reading "Track fault progress", click it.

In the box that pops-up, type you phone number, and it will tell you any outstanding fault-reports on your line.

Included in the fault reports, are the status of any changes BT are going to make to your line, including DSL activation.

no luck

Thanks for the information, I tried it but it states there is no current or recent historic info available. Does this mean they haven't been told to activate my line? After paying the initial payment two weeks ago I should hope they have.

Regards Lee.

Line activation by BT

While it says "no historic report", this doesn't mean it should do if there was one.

I quite regulary have to open them regarding the 20ish lines I have to manage around the country. Once they are closed, they vanish.

A call to BT fault reports can recall history information on reports logged against your line.

It is advisable to call them first and find out. After this, if they so no reports have been made in the past few weeks, then you should contact +Net again.

No report does not mean no order submitted.

Any order that +Net makes, goes to BT Wholesale. They may accept or deline to process the order. Even after this stage, it make take a while to even be placed into the BT work queue.

The shame is, only +Net can find out if BT Wholesale ever received the order. Only +Net can contact them to see which "IN Sredder" they filled it in.