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Line Stats - Why


Line Stats - Why

As the are 119 pages I think you can forgive me if this has been asked in another thread (possibly with a different heading)
I've read a few pages on the internet I now feel I understand what line attenuatrion and Noise Margin mean

What I could not find was an explaination for the fact that the Downstream and Upstream can be so different
for example my router reports the following
Line attenuation Downstream 47 Upstream 12.5
Noise Margin Downstream 18 Upstream 29

Although I have said I understand the two consepts I obviously do not understand them enough to work out why the same line is show such a variation in figures

Line Stats - Why

Its all tied in with the speed the information is transmitted at, the faster the speed the more attenuation and the less noise margin (SNR)

Information comes to you at either 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps so you read those as the downstream figures for your connection.

The speed you transmit information from your computer with ADSL is 256Kbps no matter what your downstream speed is, so your upstream figures are always different from the downstream