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Line Noise Query


Line Noise Query

Sorry posted a second time as somehow I managed to omit a title!


Can anybody tell me from the following information if it looks like my line is capable of receiving a 2MB service?

My DG834GT router reports the following noise statistics:

DownStream Upstream
Line Attenuation 19.5 db 23.0 db
Noise Margin 50.5 db 27.0 db

The reason I ask is that I've recently put in an upgrade order woth PlusNet to go from a 512k to a 2MB service but I'm still waiting to hear what the result of the upgrade request to BT is. Consequently, I'm anxious to know what my chances are!

Does the above information give any indication as to what the likely result will be?

Thanks in advance.

Line Noise Query

Chances are "Very high". But we are talking BT here.

Your figures show that there is very little loss, suggesting you are actualy very near the exchange.