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Line Management Applied Wrongly!!!!!

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Line Management Applied Wrongly!!!!!

Before I start, I'm a usually very contented Plusnet user.

On May 10th I was advised by Plusnet that I had exceeded my 10GB limit and traffic management would be applied to my account.

Trouble is, I'm on Premier Option 2 and no management should have been applied until I reached 15GB. Fine I thought, I'll just contact Plus, let them know and all will be well.

No chance, the support staff said yes, we have made a mistake and we will have the restriction removed. Two days and several additions to my open ticket, and yes, guesss what, the restriction was still on.

May 13th, I get a response to my ticket stating that as my billing cycle had passed, the restriction would be removed, and I'm thinking W*T*F*Huh, it shouldn't have been applied in the first place!!!!. So on Saturday when 4pm arrived ( and remember I'm on a new month now), guess what, yes, you've guessed it, restricted line again.

So I'm back in the ticket system now and I get a reply today, now thats 2 days later folks, asking if its only p2p thats going slow.HuhHuh What are these reps onHuh?

I'm now getting half meg download speeds and I'm on a new months billing cycle. I tried to phone the helpline, what you now get is" all our operators are busy" some blarney about waiting times, then automatic disconnection. Evil

I suppose they want me to phone the 50p a minute helpline, I think NOT. Come on Plusnet, get this sorted or I'll have no option but to get my mac code and go elsewhere.



I got through to the helpline!!!!!, after waiting 30 minutes and the guy I spoke to told me that he couldn't help and I would have to wait for a reply to my ticket grrrr. Lets just hope it doesnt take another 2 days for a reply.