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Line Interference


Line Interference

I am getting a constant buzzing noice on the voice side of my line.Isthis corruption from ADSL due to say a faulty microfilter ?
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Line Interference

Does the noise go away if you turn off your PC modem or router?
You haven't said which your using but basically if you switch off your ADSL stuff does it stop?

Line Interference

I've just converted to 1mbit broadband from dial-up and am really happy with the response, so thank you PlusNet for that! :lol: However......

I am getting a similar irritating buzzing noise on my phone line. I have 6 phone sockets in the house (no extensions), but phones only connected to three of them (kitchen, living room, bedroom). The other 3 are unused but active.

I used the two ADSL filters supplied by PlusNet and bought a similar one to go in the third socket. My mrs told me today that the kitchen phone is not ringing (it's not a dect phone, just a standard analog), and even with nothing plugged into the RJ45 sockets on any of the filters, the buzzing noise is still present.

Do I need to try some (so-called) high-quality filters to see if the problem goes away? Without being over-critical of PlusNet, it appears to me that the supplied filters are at the 'cheaper' end of the market. Two people I know use Tiscali and were supplied with what I consider to be more expensive looking filters, and they have no problems with buzzing noises.

Am I being picky here? Should PlusNet be sending out higher quality filters? I'd be grateful for any thoughts on the above.
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Line Interference


Take a look at the following tutorial

just to make sure that you've the filters and wiring set up correctly. Anything without a filter (e.g. Sky, anaologue modem, alarm, or fax) or anything filtered twice could cause problems.