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Line Filtering


Line Filtering

I've just moved from USB to ethernet and appeared to have a much more stable connection (no dropped connection in 3 days).

However last night the connection dropped, the ADSL light went on flashed on, went out flashed on etc...

I unplugged the modem and plugged it direct into the main socket and got a solid green light. I then put the modem back into the office extension and again got a solid green light. The only difference to when it was unplugged was that I didn't reconnect the telephone socket (which has a triple converter in it with a phone and 2 56k modem 's plugged into it... although the modem's obviously aren't in use when the ADSL is working).

I then reconnected the telephone only and it's all been fine for the past 14 hours.

So I guess my question is, is there something odd happening when I have the 2 56k modems plugged into the telephone side, even though neither are in use ?

Your's puzzledly ! :?:

Line Filtering

To answer your question, it should make no difference if the DSL filters are in the right places and providing the extension to your office is of good quality.
Even with a modem router connection, drop outs can occur. the flashing lights on the router mean it was trying to connect. Some routers, Origo being one so I am told, need to be hard reset (power off) if a it does not sync within a certain time.
I average 6 days between reconnections
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Line Filtering

Althouth the following relates to ringing it may be significant...

Go and add up all the REN values for all the equipment connected to your sockets - it should be indicated on each device. If the total adds up to more than 4 that may be causing your problem and you will need to remove one of more of the devices for reliable connections.

Most equipment will be REN 1 but some modems can be higher and the recommended max total REN on a BT line is 4. Any higher and you often don't get ringing on an incomming call but it may effect the line in other ways causing dropouts.

Also check out the exellent FAQ on ADSL: Wiring and Filters to make sure you have everything connected properly.

Make sure all non ADSL equipment goes through a filter at some point so if I am correct, each of the 2 modems & phone need separate filters.

So you can put a 2 way adapter in the main socket, the ADSL router into one of the adaptor sockets(with or without filter, it does not matter - see the FAQ), a filter into the other adapter socket then connect, a 3 way adaptor in the filter and you phone & 2 modems in the 3 way adapter.


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Line Filtering

On another note, you seem to have stated that your have your 56Kb modem connected to the ADSL side of the filter.

although the modem's obviously aren't in use when the ADSL is working

Regardless of use, they can do affect line quality. They should be behind a filter.