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Line Dropping

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Registered: 29-08-2007

Line Dropping

ever since I joined Plusnet, nearly 3 years now, I have suffered from the occassional 'line drop'.
I lose my ADSL connection although the phone works allright?
My problem is that the 'drop' frequencey has increased from once or twice a month, to 2 or 3 times a day.
I can get the line back only by making or recieving a telephone call?

does any one know what my problem is?


Line Dropping

I've had had similar problems starting Sunday. Currently I virtually cannot log on and when I do only for short periods. The DSL seems to sync but it drops my connection and I cannot pass the user/password logon.

Having spoken to Plusnet over the matter, and tried the batch of usual "try different routers, disconnect phones, etc", the current official answer I have is that the problem is due to the automatic upgrade to 2MB and I am in the process of having it dropped to 1MB to see if it solves the problem. Something about how the line might not be stable or something.

Funny thing is the upgrade apparantly took place last weekend, and I had an entire week of very solid use online with no problems. Something obviously changed on Sunday that's messed things up and it's nothing to do with my speed or line at all. But - it's worth a try. I've done some more reading up and checking the values my router diagnostics gives me there should be nothing wrong with my line with noise, etc. Though I kept getting CRCs and frame drops.

I have since been on DLSreports forums and see it's not just plusnet but other ISPs having these sort of problems. It seems like that BT Wholesale is breaking things again and have come up with cunning new ways to avoid doing anything about it except when the problem is with BT Internet (ISPs have to deal with BT Wholesale and there's not too much they can do when BT does the run-around).

I can only suggest you either (a) wait, or maybe (b) try to do what I do and ask for a speed drop, which even if it shouldn't be a problem means you have slightly better tolerances for BT breaking things and might do the trick. of course if you haven't tried the filter swtiching etc in the FAQ then try that first.


I too have had a similar problem. Every so often, I try to go to a website and a message box comes up saying, "There is currently no connection to the Internet. Do you want to connect now."

I click yes and I get reconnected without any problems. But the funny thing is it does not do this from all my PCs so I think its PC hardware-related. Anyone know the answer?


Line Dropping

Hi Gary,

For a better understanding of loss of synch or line drops see this tutorial

Your issue which has been apparrent since you were activated could be caused by a dodgy filter which has gotten worse or a faulty line which has degraded.

Read the tutorial and having checked everything at your end, raise a ticket to support for investigation by BT.


Can you provide a bit more info about your setup / network?

Line Dropping

Yes, I have a 3Com wireless router/firewall. A desktop PC is connected to the router using a wire and 2 laptops connected with wireless cards. All 3 PCs running Windows 2000. Interesting thing is only the desktop and one of the 2 laptops has this line dropping problem-the 2nd PC does not seen to drop the line (or at least I don't get the message saying "No connection to the Internet etc"

Intermittent ADSL line drops.

When I first went ADSL with BT it took me 3 weeks to resolve similar symptoms with their ADSL modem. It turned out that the modem is very power hungry and I had it running from a USB slot on the system board which got power fluctuations when the PC was busy. I added an expansion card with a couple of USB slots and the problem stopped instantly and never returned.

Before taking this step, I changed power settings on the ports and all sorts but the USB port rating was identical to the modem needs and so tiny fluctuations from the PSU caused line drops.

Hope this helps.

Mark Crawford