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Legal stance on non deliverance of service


Legal stance on non deliverance of service

I'm beginning to wonder what the legal stance would be on a very poor showing by Plusnet with my house move.
I have been waiting for nigh on a month now to get broadband activated at my new address (which to make matters worse I'll have to go through all this again next month when our new house is built)
I have therefore received no service for which I am still paying a monthly fee. It's not even as if they've tried very hard, I was promised an order onmy new line would be complete yesterday after a series of support questions were answered, yet here I am borrowing someone elses computer to try and ascertain what's happening, yet again.

I really wish it could just be sorted, I pay my bills, I paid the moving fee straight away, I'm a good lad, even santa comes at christmas. What have I done to deserve this?

Very frustrated I become. /yoda

Legal stance on non deliverance of service

Hi there,

What reasons have been given for the delay / problems?

Generally, PlusNet would make the necessary adjustments to reflect the down time, but this is done on a case by case basis and nothing is set in stone.

I doubt very much if you'll have to worry about the legal stance. Smiley

If you fancy posting the relevant ticket ID, we'll see if the Comms Team can offer any advice or guidance.

Legal stance on non deliverance of service

Well as if by magic, the house phone rang once, and then the little "i" lit up on my router this morning, so it's back on.

So thanks to whoever got around to placing the order finally.

Out of interest they gave a list of reasons, which I had to log onto my BT online members area to disprove, such as a new BT line, previous ADSL, redcare (an alarm system) on the line, etc. none of which were the case, the order must have just not been placed since my broadband was cancelled at the old address 10/07/06 and the new line should have been activated 10 days later.

All resolved now, and I'm happy for now, but dreading the next move next month.

I swear I'm never moving house ever again Wink

Legal stance on non deliverance of service

Good news. Glad to hear its sorted.

Good luck for next month Smiley