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Leaving Plustnet?...trying to join plusnet....


Leaving Plustnet?...trying to join plusnet....

I havnt actually signed up to plusnet although i started the sign up process about 2 weeks ago...First off i do all the online registration by direct debit. My friend and i printed of a copy of the direct form thinking thats all it was but just to check we ASKED plusnet if we needed to post them any more details:

Signed up: 10 Oct 2002

"The User added the following comment:

I have signed up on-line for Direct Debit ADSL. Are there any additional forms I need to fill in and post back to you?

Dear Customer

There is nothing further to do from your end. We will send the form to the bank on your behalf.


We then waited a few days and asked plusnet:

"The User added the following comment:

The second part of 'Checking the line' has been there for over a week now. The line has only just had outgoing calls enabled. Is this part of the problem, or is there so other issues involved.

Dear customer,

You have elected to pay by direct debit for your account with us and this is currently awaiting the direct debit form.If oyu have this you need to send it to us or you can print one out on our website under my account details then update payment details.When we have this and your direct debit has cleared we can then progress your order.
Regards support."

Spot the contradiction??
Its been extreemly annoying because iv only activated the phone line for the use of ADSL and so far im paying for nothing. I posted the forms on wednesday and have been told i could be waiting a further 4 days and then another 7 after that (then theres weekends between that. That totals up almost a month JUST trying to sign upHuh
From this discussion board im getting the impression that once i have signed up my connection might be rubbish. If this is the case am i entitled to a full refund??
I actually need the internet connection for my degree and my research for my course is already far behind.
So far plusnet are not impressing me one bit and i cant really afford to change to a difference service im a student after all.
Neway good luck with everyone elses problems...

RE: Leaving Plustnet?...trying to join plusnet....

Oh just to make it clear the lines still flashing at

"We are performing initial checks on your line to confirm your local exchange can provide ADSL to your location.

You should find out the results of our checks within 24 hours"

its been on this since about the 10th-13th of october, 24 HOURS!Huh!?!?

And today is the 25th of oct thats 15 DAYS! to get to this stage and itll probably be at least till the end of the month when the checks are finished...


RE: Leaving Plustnet?...trying to join plusnet....

Don't about the exchange check thing but you can do that yourself on to see if the exchange is enabled for your telephone number.

As for DD did you sign to pay the intial fee on DD? If you had paid by credit card it would've been done straight away but if not then they wait until the DD is set up. I never had to print one off and send it to them though - they just did it for me! Contradiction indeed!

As for connection times - don't worry. Plusnet still rate highly in the - have a look. I have suffered from slow connection occasionaly but it is only that - occasionaly. On a couple of occasions in the past week I've had very slow connect times, but more often than not it's excellent - I used to have the same problem with normal dial-up (except it was more often than not! and that was with Freeserve AnyTime).

Plusnet are still good I think - the support is excellent (unless you are moaning about connection times anyway!). I don't believe any other ISP is able to offer a better service at the same price - but there again I'm only going on the adslguide website here.

Go for it - but keep on top of them. Check the support page for call centre waiting times and then call them when it's quiet - I'm sure they'll be able to sort this out for you - especially if you pay the initial fee by credit card!

However - check that your tel number can receive adsl first on hte bt web site