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Leaving PN soon


Leaving PN soon

Well not quite,

But tbh, I have got tired of waiting for the "comming soon" 4 and 8mbit connection, So I have signed up to NTL 10mb service.

Even tho it says 3mb on their site, the nice person at ntl has put me str8 on to the 10mb package, they will be comming out on saturday to fix me up....... Cant wait...

I know I have a contract here, but I will regrade it to the lowest possible price one and use it for, hmm somthing else Wink

Also, before anyone says anything about the capping on NTL, I know for a fact that if you go over the cap, you get a telling off, but you dont get trottled and they only time action is taken agaist you is if you do it 2 consective times in 3 months.

Well thats what they said the last time I had them b4 moving to my new address....

Anyways I have got tired of so many chages in t and c's since I have been here so another reason to move on Smiley

Leaving PN soon

Anyways I have got tired of so many chages in t and c's

Thats why I left and they have ripped me off :shock: