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Latency Query


Latency Query

Hi all,

I have a query regarding ping times to the first hop of PlusNet's servers. This isn't what you think - nothing to do with ping spikes. Basically, around a month ago, when I was with my old provider, their servers were located at Telehouse and I was getting great speeds and my ping to their servers was always between 18 and 28. All the hops to UK servers only added on about 5ms to the final destination ping, if that. However, a few weeks later (this is still with my old provider), my pings shot up to between 42 and 60 to the first hops, which led to all the game servers I play on having at least 30ms increased latency. I did notice that my download speeds had decreased a little, from my consistent 1920Kbps to around 1860. I checked my exchange to see what their VP's were like as I thought the whole issue was down to exchange contention. The VP status was showing green for the previous 2 months! This left me very confused.

Anyhow, when I migrated to PN the pings are exactly the same, no increased latency during peak times though, just sitting at between 40 and 60ms. I was just curious as to whether anybody very technical about how internet routing works has an explanation for this, and why it suddenly happened?

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