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LLU and unable to connect

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LLU and unable to connect

Hi, I help a friend who is non techincal with his plusnet connection. As of 2 weeks ago (end of may) he hs been unable to connect. I have rasied a ticket with PlusNet and still don't have a resolution. However it would seem that a likely cause is that he has been moved onto LLU (a ticket response said this). I don't want this to happen to me, so...

Questions I have
how do I check if my local loop is BT or find out what it is ?

how can I ensure my connection is not changed ?

why would I want to change if my connection is working fine ?

why would I not want to change ? I have heard about it being a "one way street" and once unbundled it is hard to change ISP ?

how does this affect voice ?


LLU and unable to connect

In answer to 'how to check if you are on LLU', run the BT speed tester. It won't work if you're not on a BT product.

For the rest, I can't answer as I have no experience with LLU.


LLU and unable to connect

Plusnet said they would notify if the exchange was going to be subject to a change to LLU and also give seven days notice before your line was subject to this change.

So far they have not adhered to this.

If you decide at a later date that you no longer wish to remain with plusnet then in order to leave you have to have a full cease and reprovide. This will probably cost you in the region of £60 to £70 and may also mean some loss of service while it's sorted out.

Not sure about the 7 days notice either as you must give them 14 days notice to leave. Pretty shoddy treatment of customers. I guess that they are hoping this will put pressure on users to remain with their service.

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LLU and unable to connect

You need to make sure that you modem or router is using the folowing:

VC not the other option of LLC
VCI 38

It might be worth searching for these in the forums or changing them in your router/modem settings to see if it helps.

Try here,2052.0.html

Let us know how you get on.

Also take look at for advice.