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LLU and QoS


LLU and QoS

Since plus net moved my from MaxDSL to LLU in July this year the speed quality has dropped like a stone.
When I was on 2Meg my down speed was always around 1.7 to 1.9Megs with a 220K up speed. When they upped the speed to 8 Megs I was getting between 2.1 and 5Megs. Which lasted for about 1 month, then they moved me to LLU - what POOR speeds. Once in a blue moon I can get a speed of 3 Megs, most of the time around 500 to 1.5 Megs and an up speed of 300-600K.
The really crazy thing is today my connected dropped yet again, and when I reconnected I was on a wonderful downspeed of 286K and a upload speed of 386K.
So much for Quality of Service.
I've asked to be moved back to MaxDSL but its like moving in slow motion.
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LLU and QoS

I'm back on BT (at last!!) and it really does make a difference. If PN are dithering over the transfer, or suggesting you should pay for it, have a look at an earlier post of mine on PNs stated criteria for free LLU to BT migration. Its the second to last post in the thread


Once you're notified that the migration is complete, double check with the gateway checker at as there have been a lot of issues with BT claiming the transfer is complete, when it isnt.

Still wating

Just ran the link.
Yep, I'm still on Tiscali's LLU so much for moving back to IPStream.
I need a normal Broadband connection before I too jump ship, but Its taking FAR TOOOOOO LONG!
P.S. BT Aren't that good as their best engineers have moved to other projects or have left BT.
We're testing VPN with BT's connections at work, but they keep disabling the Token every other day, or disabling it altogether.