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LLU & PN opt out charge.


LLU & PN opt out charge.

My Ticket response to PN requesting £47 opt out of the LLU scheme i never knew i was part of!!

Dear Plus net customer service,

In reply to your email regarding charges to convert back to BT wholesale, I would just like to express my sheer disgust and disappointment. I believed that Plus net was a reliable service, friendly and easy to communicate with. However, I am completely dissatisfied with the Plus net service and the trial programme that just seems to appear as part of the package. I can recall and have no evidence that an email was sent to me stating the changeover to a trial LLU programme and I would be interested if the company has proof that one was sent. I certainly would not have opted for the trial had I have previously found out about it.

I am further disappointed to hear that it will cost me £47 (admin costs) to opt out of this trial, after automatically being put forward for it! I would have been happy if the trial had improved my service and internet speed, but instead I have experienced a vast reduction! My connection is always going down and my connection speed has dropped from 4.5 mbps to just 2mbps. This service is very unreliable and of extremely poor quality compared to the rest of the internet service providers market.

I would like to be switched back to BT wholesale as soon as possible, at no extra cost. If my faith in Plus net as a quality provider is to be restored, I urge you to respect my complaint and deal with it promptly if you are to keep me as a customer. I shall certainly not be staying with PN if I am unable to resolve this issue.

I look forward to your reply,

Kind regards,


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LLU & PN opt out charge.

I had the same sort of reply that I may get a charge to go back to the service I had before. If this is the case I would rather pay BT for their service directly than pay extra to PN for a service that works properly.

How can PN even think of charging custumers a fee to go back to the service they used to have that actually worked propperly.

Ive looked at the mails i have recieved from plus about max dsl and no where does it mention that if its hopeless and you want to revert that you will be charged. If that had been stated then I would have no problem with them possibly charging.

LLU & PN opt out charge.

Update .... As far as I am concerned this incident has been resolved to my saticfaction. Many thanks to plus net support for their quick responce to my problems.