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LLU Queries!


LLU Queries!


I keep seeing all this stuff about LLU's etc etc on this forum, and am having difficulty getting my head round it.

Ok, basically, I was Max'd ages ago, does this mean I'm on a Tiscali LLU? How do I find out? I'v looked at dslzone, and apparently my exchange is:


LLU enabled. What does this mean? Am I right in thinking I can only use ISP's who have some sort of affiliation to the above list?

The reason I ask is I'm thinking of moving ISP, and was wondering how being on a differnt LLU affects migration? Do plusnet only use Tiscali and BT LLU's?


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LLU Queries!

You really are confused about this Wink

PlusNet only have 1 LLU supplier and that is Tiscali - BT don't do LLU.

Only 20% of the PN userbase were moved over to LLU (Approx 18000 connections) - I am one of them.

It is very difficult to tell if you are on LLU or not from your side of the connection. Even asking PN (which is what I recommend you do anyway) does not always yield the correct answer.

If you are on a residential product and your upstream speed is > 432Kbs you may be on LLU. I'm on LLU but my max upload speed is 416Kbs.

If you can't run the BT speedtester you may be on LLU but this test also sometimes fails on BT Max connections as well.

If you are on LLU then migration is going to be a problem as only 2 or 3 ISPs support LLU migrations because LLU migrations are still in the trial stage.

Raise a question and ask.

Note: Tisclai don't release details on what exchanges they have LLU equipment in so websites like dslzone will not show Tiscali as an LLU supplier on an exchange.
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LLU Queries!

Actually Peter, both samknows and dslzone show Tiscali as being enabled on my exchange-- I'm glad I opted out almost immediately I heard about it!

By the way benjennings, I wish Be was on my exchanges list of enabled LLUs! :roll:

LLU Queries!

Thank you very much Shellsong, I've just realised how much better BE appears to be compared to plus net! all for an extra £1 a month.

Gonna be requesting my MAC code tonight!



LLU Queries!

Anyone know if the LLU process is still suspended?