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LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection


LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection


I see this LLU upgrade is going well!!

I have been without my connection for 10 days now!

CSC dont seem to give a hoot!!

And the cheak of it all, I got sent the email saying the conversion was complete! and all in order!

So much for almost 4 years of loyal custom!


edit: changed it to ten days as I could not count thought it was 8

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

CSC dont seem to give a hoot!!

That's very concerning :? What sort of help have they provided so far (any automated fault testing, etc...?)

What exchange are you on? Did you get notified about the move to LLU before it happened?

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

I have completed the online BB fault tool...

which failed. then is got assigned to an advisor.

and all I get, they are looking into can take over 24 hours to reply to a ticket...thats if they DO!

I am on the Blackburn exchange and I was notified that the conversion would happen on the 10th on April....

So thats 10 Days....!
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LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

This is a little bit worrying.....

Could you take us through your contact with the CSC and what they've said? Has this been raised to Tiscali for investigation?

I've heard the Tiscali faults resolution process is a lot better than BT's - so if it's been raised with them it's certainly informative that you've not heard anything.

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

I completed the checks on the 11th
Ticket updated on the 13th @ 12.05 after a call to csc.
I asked for an update on the 18th....yes the 18th nothing done since the 13th.
Suppliers advised on the 19th.

Asked for an update today...nothing...then get an sutomated email telling me the conversion is done!!
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LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

Hi there

I've just spoken to our faults department regarding this and they are updating your ticket at present with an update from Tiscali.

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

No update as of yetHuh:roll:

Well I suppose 2.5 hours aint a long time to update a tickit, maybe thats why they are so sloooooo :shock:

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

Well I have been advised I will get an update tomorrow!! which is Saturday. the only reason I got an update as I had to spend 40 mins waitiing to speak to CSC, to get told its an other dept thats dealing with my fault, and I "cant" speak to them.....

I can see anything happening until Monday/Tuesday now!!

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LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection


i have the same problems as you, I am also on the blackburn exchange, as is my father. I had a stable 2MB connection, which now varies between 400 and 800KB, since LLU. My father had a 1MB which is now 288KB. Have you had any recourse from plus at all. I have raised tickets, about this and replys have tranged from having to wait 10 days, to none at all!!.. I currently have no sync, and have had none for 3 days now.

PlusNet, if you read this, please contact me to resolve this disgraceful situation

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

I have just raised a ticket to request a contact name and address to send a formal complaint to, as advised by OFCOM

Tickets are being closed on average 1.75 hours, so lets see how quickly I get a reply!

I was going days without getting replys. And when you try and call, you ge disconnected at least once, before you get through...sounds like a money making scam to me!!

LLU 11 days and Counting!! No Connection

My line was 'upgraded' to the Tiscali wholesale system sometime during Monday night / Tuesday morning. Which resulted in my being unable to connect (error #721) despite my modem syncing at the new speed. Service was finally restored on my line at around 4pm this afternoon (Friday).

Last night I was on hold for 94 minutes to support before giving up waiting. I phoned at 6am this morning before leaving for work and was on hold for 25 minutes before being cut off.

Apparently Tiscali's wholesale service is supposedly better than their service as an ISP, but it doesn't seem that way so far. Why I was moved from a stable 2mb connection onto an 8mb connection that didn't work remains unclear to me.

The worst part of it was I couldn't even request a MAC address to leave Plusnet (as I have been considering for sometime) as presumably any other ISP would still have to wait on Tiscali pulling their collective fingers out to fix my problem? I understand there is currently no provision to move from the Tiscali service back to the old BT equipment (at 2mb) on LLU exchanges?