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LIne Attenuation


LIne Attenuation

I'm only 69ish metre's away from my exchange hehe

BAH!!! beat me by 36m no fair lol!, oh well, mine aint too bad either


LIne Attenuation

Hi there.. I am already on 2Mb but i am worried if the line attenuation keeps going up as it has been for the last 2 weeks. It has gained 2-3db. Dont want my connection to become unreliable.

SNR Up : 31db
SNR Down :27-31db
Attenuation up : 24db
Attenuation down : 39.7db .. was 37db 2 weeks ago :?

If it is nothing to worry about then please let me know Smiley
Could be influenced by the weather down south being erractic.

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LIne Attenuation

Your SNR is high enough and line attenuation low enoug to not cause you any problems. What higher speeds you will get is unknown at this time.

Your line attenuation can be affected by many things including weather conditions and will tend to vary a few dB so this is nothing to worry about.

LIne Attenuation

Thanks for the quick reply Smiley

I seem to be getting less crc errors showing on my router now too Smiley
Used to be about 10 errors in a 24 hour connection.. now lucky to get the odd 1 in 2 days.
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LIne Attenuation

as we're on the topic of this... just wanted to ask whether my line "stats" are good or not - not really up on this stuff:

Here's what my router tells me:

Operation Data Upstream Downstream
Noise Margin 28 dB 36 dB
Output Power 12 dBm 8 dBm
Attenuation 3 dB 7 dB

I'm currently on the 1M Premier account and tomorrow (i think) the Broadband Premier accounts starts right?

Do you think I am safe for a 2M and possibly more when it becomes avaliable?

I'm only 69ish metre's away from my exchange hehe Cheesy

(also, i can change to the equivilent package from what i'm paying now right - Broadband Premier - £29.99 @ 2M i'm thinkin)

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LIne Attenuation

With those stats - 2meg will be fine and they also confirm you are very near the exchange so I can see you getting 8meg when its out.