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Just what IS HomeWorker these days ?


Just what IS HomeWorker these days ?

I've had my adsl with PlusNet for some time, when i got it a while ago i migrated from BTO and bought a HomeWorker 512k annual contract.

However I must say browsing around PlusNet's site lately i've become somewhat confused, HomeWorker no longer seems to exist, and the impression i'm getting is that TeleWorker is in it's place. I get this impression from reading about the fair usage:

The fair usage policy that has been announced will apply to the following products: Broadband Home Premier, Broadband Premier, Broadband

EasyStart, Home Surf, ADSL Home and Teleworker (Homeworker). At this time we have no plans to include Business customers within any fair use system.

Is my assumption correct that HomeWorker no longer exists as a product (other than those who signed up for it a while ago) ? Also if that is the case i have read elsewhere that TeleWorker will be subject to upload speed increases after the upgrades are done. Would that include me ?

Appreciate any information, thanks.
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Just what IS HomeWorker these days ?

Teleworker replaced homeworker. So when you see teleworker mentioned, it also applies to homeworker accounts.

You will get a speed increase (both download and upload) subject to your line supporting it.

Just what IS HomeWorker these days ?

Ah, excellent. Now I have only to enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see what will become of my line ! Thanks for the swift reply.

Just what IS HomeWorker these days ?

I'm currently on (what was called) HomeWorker Pro 1Mb, once the speed upgrades are available do I have to actively choose one of the following packages?

Fair Usage 'Fair Usage' achievable
on-peak Levels inc off-peak (based on 2Mb)
Teleworker Premier
£21.27 (£24.99) 40GB 240GB
£34.03 (£39.99) 75GB 275GB

Teleworker Pro Premier
£25.52 (£29.99) 40GB 240GB
£38.29 (£44.99) 75GB 275GB
£56.16 (£65.99) 125GB 325GB

What happens if I do nothing, will I sill be paying the £44.99 I am now? What will my FU quota be?

Thanks in advance.