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Just wanting my reliable connection back...


Just wanting my reliable connection back...

So.... 18 months of rock solid connection via - never had to rely on their customer service because as a customer I was always delighted with the service.

On the very day I was upgraded to ADSL Max, I started to have connection problems. I wasn't told I would be upgraded, or warned about the possible connection issues over the next 10 days.

Unfortunately the 10 days stretched to 21 days, and then seemingly was fine for a couple of weeks. I was unhappy to have gone through that, but pleased to have a connection again. Only is was for only a short period.

A couple of weeks ago I had an extended lack of ADSL service - lasting 2 or 3 days. And then all was almost fine - I now suffer from horrendous latency.

Now that left me disgruntled, especially when online gaming - and suffering periodic peaks of lag. But at least I had a connection.

And then tonight, I have lost my connection again! I am back to dial-up and having to pay per minute for the priviledge. I have to say I am thoroughly annoyed with the lack of service and support I am receiving from - for I have simple needs which the company satisfied for 18 months.

I just want my reliable connection back please.

And the sadest thing about all this is that I have gone from delighted to annoyed, and really companies should do their best to keep their delighted customers delighted...


PS: I am not sure why I am posting here. My experiences seem to be mirrored by many already, and do not apparently do anything about it. I guess it's a bit like an AA meeting, and I am sharing my pain.