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Just received email :Free speed upgrades up to 8Mb


Just received email :Free speed upgrades up to 8Mb

I've just received an email from Plusnet saying that automatic upgrades to 8Mb have been stopped as some users have been having problems. Sad

It fills me with such confidence in Plusnet.

It was so kind of them to notify users that they may not be automatically upgraded.

BUUUUUT I'd have much rather had an email 2 weeks ago to tell me that they had indeed upgraded my line to 8Mb, and advising on the steps to take to get the best performance out of my connection during the training period. I'm still waiting for THAT email.

So, yes, I am filled with confidence in Plusnet. I am sure one of these days they will get it right. They might even send me an email to tell me the true state of my connection, not what they say I can't have when I already have it anyway!!! Sad
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I had the same email, but I have not been upgraded yet and still get disconnected every two minutes!.
No matter how many phone calls or tickets, the problem is not solved, and it is not just me, three of my friends with +net are having the same problem, but a neighbour with pipex is having no problems at all.
It makes no sense, and we can never get a straight answer.