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Just out of interest..


Just out of interest..

Once my data has hit Charter row and then Plusnet's offices at the stadium, where does it go then?

Got bored waiting for a client so thought i'd ask Smiley

no-one say " down a pipe and to the world" or else you'll be branded a twit! - lol



Just out of interest..

Now I know of neither places you talk of.

So, I will give a quick lowdown on what happens.

From your computer, it navigates its way along the streets to your exchange.

From the exchange, it is dependant if it will goto to your nearest POP, or to another exchange (or more than one) then to the POP.

Once at the POP, it is introduced to the rest of the BT ATM network, where it will flow through (the pipes. I was a twit before, no harm being one a little more) to the chosen POP where PlusNets BT Central pipes are.

In this case, it is London.

From there, it will depend on your data, as to which peer will hadle the traffic through the internet.

Just out of interest..


thanks - i found something on ADSLguide to look at - pictures - so much easier Smiley
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Just out of interest..

See this diagram:

Hmm.. you already have

Just out of interest..

I knew it ended up at the bottom of the BT tower - had a tour of the data centre before going up the tower last october.