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Just joined and having Mac connection trouble

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Just joined and having Mac connection trouble


Can anyone help me?

I haved just joined PlusNet and have been sent my broadband modem. I have set up my connection but Internet Connect says that it can't connect to the server because of PPP problems. I have called the helpline and they told me that some Mac users are having this problem and that Apple has a patch for this (if you are using Tiger. I am using Panther, but maybe the problem is with this too?)

Does anyone know of this patch and where I can find it? I have searched Apple's site and can't find it anywhere.

Many thanks
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Just joined and having Mac connection trouble

Hi Julie Smiley

I don't use a Mac but I found this
Hope it helps you
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Just joined and having Mac connection trouble


are you connected to your modem via USB or ethernet?

USB is known to have problems with Mac's and can be flakey. Most mac users avoid USB. If there is any "patch" required, it will be for the USB driver software. It will not be a patch for Panther - or Tiger, and I can't see why it would be on the Apple site! check out the website for the modem for updated drivers.

There should be no problems with Ethernet. No patch will be required for ethernet problems and if plusnet support suggested there is, they are wrong.

There is hardly any difference in cost between USB modems and ethernet. I would strongly recommend you use an ethernet connection between your mac and modem/router.

The other way you could be connected is via wireless connection, but like the ethernet method this should not cause any PPP issues.

be careful with the advise Plusnet give for mac users. they tend to avoid the subject of apple if they can!