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Just a quick one..


Just a quick one..

Heya folks, got a couple of quick questions for you..

I, like everyone else, am eagerly awaiting the DSLAM tweakage that according to the exchange checker will be happening for me sometime around the middle of june, and lately I've spotted a lot of posts on here where people are giving out their details of line attenuation rates and SNR figures and it's gotten me around to thinking - "Wait a minute, I've seen a page somewhere in my modems setup with those figures listed.." - only trouble is, I cant for the life of me remember how I last accessed it (going back a good 6 months or more since it was seen).

The modem I have is the bog standard cheapo Binatone 3-light USB jobby that came supplied from PN when I signed up to the now defunct Broadband EasyStart package, and I was wondering if anyone here either has or has had one of these beige doorstops and knew where I might be able to access the administration options where I believe the info I'm looking for is to be found?

Oh, and while I'm at it, anyone have a somewhat decisive list of what attenuation and SNR figures equates to what speeds I might be able to achieve as and when BT pull their finger out?

Cheers in advance Cheesy
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Just a quick one..

ADSL: Understanding Line Loss and measurements explains about the figures - note it's 43dB for 2Mb not 45 as it says.

Can't help with the modem. If you can't find it raise a ticket and get plusnet to run a woosh test on your line but make sure you ask for the one that gives SNR (margin) info as there are two versions in use. However with so many people asking for this you may get rejected now unless you have a line problem.

Just a quick one..

Thanks for that link, pretty informative really, and all easily understandable too - bonus.

Now I just need to find out about this modems' admin interface.. I know it's there as I've seen it before when I last had major trouble with the connection, I just cant remember where I saw the info on how to get to it.

I have been searching around the forums a bit, and I cant seem to find anything, but that could just be down to the search parameters I use, I'll carry on looking though til either I find it, or someone else gives me a heads up.