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Just a question


Just a question

I was sent an email a fair ways back telling me that i would "soon be upgraded to speeds of up to 8mbit" or something along those lines. when i say a fair ways back i mean Around april or so. Ah here it is:
Dear Mr Chris Bentley,

This is an email from PlusNet to let you know about changes to your
product, as announced in our recent newsletter.

Your PlusNet Broadband Plus - Up to 2Mb (Monthly Contract, Activation and
Modem Offer) product is now known as PlusNet Broadband Plus up to 8Mb
(Monthly Contract, Activation and Modem Offer).

We'll also automatically upgrade you to up to 8Mb broadband - this should
take place over the coming months. Once done, we'll email you again to
confirm the good news and let you know some important details about
high-speed broadband.

About your broadband upgrade
High-speed up to 8Mb broadband works in a different way to your current
service. After we've upgraded your account, the actual speed you receive
may vary depending on the quality of your phone line, distance from your
local telephone exchange and weather conditions.

Due to the way the service works, we cannot guarantee a full up to 8Mb

In the ten days following your upgrade, you may see your speeds vary. This
is perfectly normal, as tests are carried out during this period to see
what speed your line can support. It's important that you stay connected
during this ten day period so that these tests can take place. After ten
days you should see your speeds stabilise at the fastest speed your line
can support.

Free broadband phone calls now included
Your broadband product now also comes with PlusTalk PAYG included, so you
can make great savings on your BT phone bill. Find out more about PlusTalk
and control your account at

Thank you for your continued custom.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support

This email has been sent as it contains important information about your
service from PlusNet. Please do not reply to this email, as this is an
unmonitored address.

This email was recieved on April 26th 2006. Now i know 'coming months' means a little bit of a wait, but i've seen people that have been members of PN for less time than i have that have been upgraded already, As well as friends in areas just as rural as my own getting upgraded before me on other ISPs.

So i was just wondering what the holdup was? I took a great deal of interest in BT shutting down their bulk regrade tool etc back in May so there's no need to give me some cut 'n' paste BS. All i want is a straight answer.

Just a question

Plain unlucky?

Probably as straight forward as that. The free upgrade process was alittle shambolic when it started.

And some unlucky ones didn't get their regrade when supposed.

Just a question

I had the same mail months ago, and I hadn't been upgraded. I actually paid the £5 to upgrade this week and it was done in one day.

Just a question

Ah i see. They conveniently 'forget' to upgrade you but they're quite happy to have you pay them more money to upgrade you when they initially offered to upgrade you free. Gotta love that.

Just a question

Well don't forget the Bulk Upgrade tool that BT provided was putting through 1000 orders a week.

With about 200,000 subs to go through... you do the maths!