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Just a little question on wireless ADSL...


Just a little question on wireless ADSL...

How much slower does wireless actually make your connection go. When i was on NTL 600k say for playing counterstrike, i used to get pings of about 35-30. I have signed up for plusnets 1mb service, and this should achieve a ping of about 17 (ethernet connection) but how will i fare on a wireless connection - not just for games but also for surfing because after being on broadband for a year, even 600k seems slow.



Just a little question on wireless ADSL...

As you are on a one meg line and the wireless is 9+ meg depending which one you have there should be no notable diffrence as the adsl is slower than the wireless.

Setting wireless to 128 will slow thing down a bit but again you adsl is the slow bit not the wireless

Just a little question on wireless ADSL...

Its a bit like a cordless phone the further you
are from the base station the weaker the signal.
Real world tests of the latest 'g' products say you'll
get about 18Mbps @ 10ft, 15Mbps @ 40ft,
and 10Mbps@ 100ft.
The newest 'super g' routers boasting 108Mbps,
should yield even better results.
Obviously results vary depending on the test,
but basically you should not experience any slowdown
whatsoever if there are no walls or ceilings for the signal
to pass through.
The signal will be able to pass through timber floors and
partitions withought real difficulties but will degrade
seriously when passing through brick walls, so positioning
of the WAP will be critical.
So it really depends on where you site the WAP.
Realistically the signal when passing through a wall is never
going to come out the other side in the same condition , you
should in theory have enough speed left over from the signal
passing through one wall, but what it does to pings I don't know.
I'm aware you Counter Strike players want every milisecond
to gain the edge over your opponents,so make sure whatever equipment you get has ethernet ports aswell.

Just a little question on wireless ADSL...

I'm currently running wireless at home and I dont have a problem with it. However if u add all the security features to do with wireless u will notice that some pages wont load as fast. Some times if u mix manufacters of wireless kit u may tend to get some funny results. I am currently running a :

Linksys 11mbps - Access point
Buffalo 11 mbps - PCMCIA wireless card
Belkin 11mbps - PCI Wireless card

I have recently upgraded to the Linksys access point becuase my old Buffalo access point didnt have the transmitting range! With the Linksys access point I get 100% signal in the whole house.

The Belkin wireless card gave me abit of grief to start off with but one I tweaked the settings of both the card and access point I dont have anymore problems.