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Just Migrated - what happens next


Just Migrated - what happens next

Hi, Just migrated its meant go live 12th december?,
ive created a new network connection dial up box,
with a BT line add the 01470 bit to "0845" do I need this , can i log in now or do I have to wait untill a payment is ts taken from my credit card, Im going to upgrade to 1Mbit as soon as it starts how long extra for that to take effect,

Thanks ..
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Just Migrated - what happens next

You don't need to setup a dialup connection to access the portal and login. You can connect via your normal ADSL line to the portal straight away without any changes.

You will not be a plusnet ADSL customer or have to make any payments until your migration is completd on 12th but you can access your plusnet email and visit the portal but that is about all you can do until you have migrated.

You can put in your upgrade request to 1Mb as soon as your migration has been completed and you will pay any necessary upgrade fees then.